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Useful information for newborn baby health,

Here, in Emma's journal, we teamed up with Blueair experts to provide you with all the information and tips you will need to take care of your new baby.

Because your baby's small lungs are not fully developed, it is important to breathe fresh air, especially indoors. This is of particular importance indoors - where they will spend most of their time - because indoor air is often more polluted than outdoors.

UNICEF UK says that the first 1,000 days between conception and the second day of birth of the child are when optimal health, growth and neurodevelopment have been laid.

As infants breathe three times more than adults (depending on their weight), dust, germs, allergens, and chemicals in the air can affect health and lifelong learning. In addition, exposure to ordinary indoor air pollutants, which affect the physical and cognitive development of the child, can start from the womb. Access to clean air in the most critical phase of a child's development can improve his or her health and learning.

Designed in Sweden to create the safest environment for children to grow and grow, Blueair air purifiers use unique filtering technology to catch and remove contaminants from the air, such as dust, chemicals, toothbrushes, etc. company, mold spores, smoke, allergens and even bacteria and viruses. And they do all this while whispering, so as not to wake your little one.
If you want to give your baby the healthiest start in life, then an air purifier is an essential product for your nursery and home, giving you peace of mind that your baby breathes the cleanest air possible.
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Here you will find a lot of information about caring for a young child with allergies, cradle caps, coughs and colds and more.

Docters  and Blueair are here every step of the way ...

We answer the baby's health questions; from tips on when to call your family doctor and guidance on your child's immunizations to what to expect from your baby's 6-8 week health exam. In addition, we cover the importance of massage for children and how to deal with separation anxiety.

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