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Baby Heat Rashes: Common Skin Rash in Babies and Cure

Baby rashes or commonly known as prickly heat can be alarming, not only because they are irritating and causing discomfort to your little one, but also because you don’t know the real reason behind them.
Most of the times, they are not trouble makers for a  long period and can go away with in one or two days. However, sometimes the treatment and medications are needed.

baby heat rash
Although you can try some common prevention of cooling down your baby’s body temperature, Unwrapping the baby from heavy drapes and blanket and changing clothes, Sometimes a little extra afford is required to get rid of them.

Quick Cure:

They are some home remedies and prevention provides as a quick cure, and help to get rid of baby rashes in no time;

It includes the care and prevention from high temperatures and humid places
Avoiding any such clothing, that can cause the skin pores to clog.
Avoid using any chemical products on skin.

Using some home remedies including use of aloe Vera, baking soda or Neem leaves to act as natural inflammatory and antibiotic and prevent skin conditions of rashes and allergies.

Types and Treatments of Heat Rash:

The first step in treating your baby’s rash is the reorganization and identification of the rash. Naming the type of irritation according to symptoms will provide help in treatment. 

Acne: The Acne on babies’ skin looks like same as the adult acne and appears as small red bumps on your baby’s skin it doesn’t usually result in to the next stage of becoming black or white heads. Acne in babies can take the form in a wide area with just one or two bumps, or it can present as a large number of bumps in a small area. 

Using some gentle products, including cleansing water recommended by any doctor is good for its treatment.

Dry skin: The lack of moisture in your baby’s skin can make it extra dry; it can become irritated and turn red, swollen, and warm to the touch.

Applying good moistures as per recommendation can prevent and treat this skin conditions in babies. The best thing you can do is to apply a hydrating cream for treatment of dry skin both in adults and babies.

Milia: The white bumps on your baby’s nose and face that look similar to the whitehead acne are caused by blocked oil glands and known as Millia. Milia have further types and can be in form of white head, clear sweat drop like blisters or sometimes the blisters with some pus. The later one is a serious condition and require urgent medical help.

Bathing your baby, or sometimes need some medicated creams and cleansing water to treat this condition.

Hives: usually the hives are the result of an allergic reaction, the best thing you can do to treat your baby’s hives is to identify the allergen that caused the hives. Or If you failed to identify the reason of allergic reaction, and hives get serious, especially if your baby is wheezing or seems to have a hard time breathing, go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible and get your baby the identification for allergy but also the proper treatment. Here are some allergens that may be causing your baby’s hives:

·       A food or drink that you added to your baby’s diet
·       A new skincare product, including the bathing products  shower wash, shampoo, or lotion
·       Hair from a household pet
·       Pollen from a nearby grass, bush, tree, or flower
Sunburn The baby could be affected from sun burn, when the body is exposed to direct sun light for a long period of time and the treatment of sun burn for a baby is not quite different from the sun burn treatment of an adult. The important things to remember to keep your baby safe from sun burn or to avoid the further damage to the already occurred illness is to cover their bodies in direct sun light. And make sure the covering you use for protection is of loose and soft clothing. Apply soothing ointments, lotions and some natural soothing ingredients such as an aloe Vera gel can help in recovery of damaged skin.

Use of any soothing lotion is not advices, try to ask for professional option before using any products. Better not to rush for medicated products instantly, and try to figure out some natural cure. And if using precautions and natural remedies are not recovering the skin issues, don’t wait for more than 2 3 days.

Diaper Rash Using diapers for longer periods of time, and the humidity and wet skin can cause a rash for babies. The resultant rah can easily be cured by keeping the baby’s skin dry and allow some fresh air to contact with skin pores. 

Try to avoid diaper for some times, or give some hour breaks in between to allow the skin heal from last packing affect. The rash issues can be solved by using healing creams. Keep in mind to use a recommended product by a medical expert to avoid any further issues.

These are the general types of rashes and are likely to occur, without any serious concern. However if the rash is not curing and having some other impacts along with general redness or bumps, look for the symptoms and immediately contact a medical Centre.

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