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Treat Baby Heat Rashes: Do’s and Don’ts.

The irritation of heat rashes, can not only disturb the little ones but cause panic to parents too. But keeping in mind do’s and don’ts while treating a baby with heat rashes can save you a lot of suffering.
baby heat rash

Identify the core cause:

The first thing to do, for treatment of heat rashes is finding out the root cause and eliminating it. Try to find out is it clothes, room temperatures or any food allergies that are causing rashes to your baby.

Gentle Exfoliations:

Try to scrub gently two to three times in a week, it would help the babies’ skin to have open pores. And the open pores will let the sweat get out and not becoming a blister or heat rash

Change Routines:

Try to change your routine activities of sun exposure or outside activities with babies.

Prevention before cure:

Try to prevent your baby from sweating in heavy clothing or humid weather, and it would save your baby from getting infection or rash.

Natural Cure:

Let Nature take control and give some natural anti-inflammatories a try for healing baby rashes. Or sometimes not using any product is even better and time heals the skin.

Use Water:

The use of water can help to cure skin issues. Give your baby showers, include water in their diet so the skin stay hydrated and not getting irritated.

Hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream can be used to relieve heat rash, but it is not suitable for diaper rash and can irritate your skin more. It’s available over the counter at any pharmacy and can be applied once or twice a day to soothe itching. If your toddler lets you know the rash is bothersome, you can apply 1 percent hydrocortisone cream onto the bumpy area. Don’t use heavy hydrocortisone creams, as they can cause blockage of bores because of petroleum jelly.


Topical or oral available over the counter without prescription, can relieve the itching associated with heat rash. If you’re giving an antihistamine to a child, be sure to talk to your pediatrician or pharmacist about which types are best.

Skin Contact:

In normal circumstances, the heat rashes don’t spread by touching and you can cuddle and hug your baby. However if the blister looks infectious you should better avoid any skin contact.

Don’t Rush:

Rash can take some time to cure and try to rushing things like giving babies baths in cold water over and over again, or trying to do some home remedies one over the other, will just be a source of panic and things can get worse.

Don’t bandage Rash:

The one should not try to cover the rash area treating it as wound, or try to cover with antiseptics and cotton balls. This kind of treatment will increase the rash due to heating up of skin.
Avoid Heavy Oiling:
Don’t try heavy oil to moisturize you baby ‘skin, it will clog the pores. Try light and regular moisturize like olive oil mixed with water or some other lotions to moisturize baby’s skin.

Don’t Scratch:

Although the skin is irritating and feels like scratching, avoid any scratching on irritated area of the skin, try to keep babies, nail short and cover so don’t scratch the sensitive area, or otherwise it could bleed.

No Self-Medication:

Although some creams and lotions can be used for the cure of heat rashes, and are easily available in market, don’t try to be an expert and using commonly accepted medication on your baby without any consultation can sometimes leads to negative and harmful reactions.

Neglected for long time:

Even though it is mentioned again and again that skin rash take time to heal, don’t wait for too long for miracle to happen, if it is covering a large portion or skin looks much irritated, don’t hesitate to consult doctor as soon as you notice.

Consulting Experts:

Usually the heat rash is not a serious condition. Practicing the cures and prevention for its treatment can make it go way on its own most of the time. But one should consult a medical expert if the condition is getting serious or having following symptoms.
High Body temperatures or Fever
Skin flushed out or Chills
Feeling pain in the irritated area
Having bumps with Pus or infection
Loss of Appetite or any other symptoms of changing body functions or activities
Rash for a long period of time, not getting cure in three to four day
In case you’re noticing heat rashes with any of these symptoms, consult your baby’s pediatrician or any dermatologist for professional medical opinion and assistance.
In short the best thing is prevention and try to be careful for your baby’s clothes, room temperature, night suits and outdoor activities with sun exposure, any food or environmental allergies. If you keep in mind to track all these things, most probably the baby will stay safe and not be caught by any skin infection including heat rashes.
Secondly, look up for the rash in folds or covered areas and try to keep the bodies clean from sweat and wetness but lightly moisturized. It will prevent the rash to stay long or getting serious and will be cured may be in hours or in one or two days.
Seek medical help and professional help in case, you notice something unusual and keep your baby safe from further suffering of delays and self medication.

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