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TOP 10 Convertible Baby Bed

The evolutionary baby bed offers a major advantage: its durability. With it, you won't have to sell a kidney every time your kid takes a few inches.

Popular with parents, the convertible bed for children adjusts to Choupinet's growth, so you don't have to change them as soon as he gets older.

A scalable bed is therefore a long-term investment, one for which you can possibly allow yourself a little cracking. It remains to find the one that will best suit your child.

How to choose a baby bed?

Are you looking for a convertible baby bed? Even more numerous than the classic cots, the evolutionary beds are available according to the needs of each one. Be careful, however, to make the right choice, given your budget.

Prefer a practical scalable baby bed

Most cots have a base that can be adjusted to different heights. Convenient to avoid trapping your back at bedtime. Many beds also have retractable sides or bars so your child can get out on their own when they are of age.

Check the safety of the cot

Your cot should be stable and the mattress should be the same size as the box spring to prevent baby from sliding his head into an empty space. Also take a look at the bars. They must be sufficiently tightened, maximum 6.5 cm to avoid any accident. Finally, check that the bed meets the European standard.

Define the design of your baby bed

 Imagining a harmonious room for baby also contributes to his well-being. Manufacturers now offer scalable baby crib models for all tastes. Designer baby bed, classic or contemporary baby bed, the choice is yours!

Consider the options for your cot

Some models of convertible beds accommodate a baby changing area. Others are full of drawers, cupboards and other modular shelves to store clothes, toys or care products. Be careful, this additional equipment can increase the bill.

Choose a quality mattress

Prefer a firm mattress, in anti bacterial, anti mite and preferably hypoallergenic foam.

Why choose an upgradeable baby bed?

Of course, buying an upgradeable cot is an investment. But this choice also offers advantages.

The scalable baby bed is economical

By buying a convertible bed, you will avoid changing bedding as soon as baby grows. You will avoid regular furniture assembly and disassembly sessions and unnecessary storage of furniture.

The scalable baby bed is robust

Studied and created to be assembled and disassembled several times, evolutionary beds often have a more resistant structure than conventional cots.

The convertible baby bed saves space

With an evolving baby bed, you save space by taking advantage of the integrated storage that some models offer. Drawers, shelves, storage box, desk, changing table, you can optimize your space as you see fit.

The scalable baby bed brings comfort and safety

 As you know, to feel good in bed, babies need bedding adapted to their size and which meets their needs for safety. The convertible bed meets both expectations.

Selection of the best evolutive baby beds
Which convertible baby bed to choose for your child? You will find below a selection among the most popular with parents, produced in collaboration with La Redoute. Feel free to share your other favorites in the comments.

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