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Cracks and breastfeeding

 With the arrival of the baby, mothers begin to think about the health of their child from the first moment, and many choose breastfeeding. Despite being highly recommended, it has some drawbacks such as the cracks that usually appear in the first days of postpartum, which can affect one or both breasts. They often improve spontaneously when mother and infant acquire correct breastfeeding technique.

How cracks appear in the breasts

Normally, the pain is greatest at the beginning of the feeding, and it disappears almost completely when the baby lets go of the breast. The infant may vomit haematically from swallowing maternal blood.

How to treat cracks in lactation

- Correct the position and grip of the newborn.

- After breastfeeding, apply a few drops of milk on the crack and let it air dry for a few minutes.

- Another option is to apply lanolin cream on the crack after feeding, not being necessary to wash the breast before the next feeding.

- When the pain is severe and makes breastfeeding difficult, it may be necessary to use a nipple shield.

Remember that most of the complications related to breastfeeding have a solution.

During your stay in the hospital, health professionals will help you to successfully establish breastfeeding. Later, both the midwife of the health center and the breastfeeding support groups will be able to solve your doubts and problems.


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