Seven dangers at home for babies with the arrival of the cold


The coldest days start, and if you have little explorers at home who move and touch everything, it is important that we take the necessary precautions for their safety in these winter months.

We talk about the seven most common dangers at home for babies with the arrival of the cold.

Be careful with the heating

One of the most obvious risks at this time of year and that from time to time gives us tragic news is that of heating systems. Braziers, electric radiators, stoves or fireplaces pose a risk of burns, so they must always be out of the reach of children and supervised, maintaining their proper functioning.

Of course, we must not glue the baby's bed or crib to the radiator or to any heat source. Gas stoves or fireplaces and sheets, cushions, covers, stuffed animals ... are not good companions.

Risk of fire

In houses with fireplaces or braziers, special care must be taken, not only to avoid burns, but also because of the risk of fire.

The flames attract the attention of the little ones who are unaware of their danger. Install child safety barriers if you have small children at home, and a smoke detector would also be recommended. Try to completely extinguish the fire in the fireplace.

At bath time ...

Also at bath time we have to be aware, since the thermostat rises in temperature and if we do not check the water before putting the baby or child, it could burn.

Attention also to the taps on fire. It is advisable to temper the bathroom before starting it, to prevent the child from getting cold before, during or after putting her in the bathtub. Here we remind you of the tips for bathing your baby when it is cold.

Remember that before an accident in these cases, we can apply first aid against burns (care for which we are not always prepared: do not hesitate, take her to the medical center if the child is not well and you consider that her burns are important ).

Watch out for windows

In winter we also open the windows, it is important to keep the house ventilated and minimize the risk of infection or contagion when viruses are around, allergies ...

Always remember to close them well after opening them, as this carelessness is always dangerous.

Do not overcoat the baby

Beware of excessive shelter at night in the case of babies. One of the recommendations to prevent sudden infant death syndrome is to ensure that the baby is not too hot, maintaining the room in which we sleep (cohabitation is recommended, that is, sleeping in the same room as the parents) at a mild and comfortable temperature.

In addition, bedding must be used that is tight to the mattress and that there are no loose sheets, blankets or bedspreads, as it increases the risk of the baby being trapped, suffocating or suffocating strangulation.