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Recommended toys to give at Christmas to children from five to six years old

There is little time left for Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men to arrive, and surely many children already have their gift letter ready to post in the next few days. Perhaps, among your preferences is one of the star toys of this season, although there may also be children who are still not very clear about what to ask for.

If this is the case with your little one, we want to help you with proposals for toys appropriate to their age and stage of development. This time we are going to focus on children between five and six years old, a stage where creativity, physical activity and socialization prevail. Do you want to know what toys would be the most recommended at this age?

The development of children from five to years

The development of a child between five and six years of age is difficult to define in a concrete way, because they are at an age where changes are slower and rhythms vary greatly from one child to another.

In any case, most children of this age have mastered their physical abilities, and they like to put them to the test with new challenges that they imagine, both at home and in the street and in the park. They are children who have an evident communicative ability and curiosity about many things, constantly asking parents everything they do not know.

As far as the game is concerned, they like to play with other children and with Mom and Dad, although on many occasions it is difficult for them to accept defeat. They are also passionate about music, dancing and singing, and enjoy listening to stories and tales more elaborate than when they were little, as well as staging plays they have previously heard or made up.

It is for all this, that it is advisable to offer the child toys that are according to their development and interests, and that also meet the following requirements:

  • Help them improve memory.
  • They serve to strengthen their motor skills, help them stimulate fine motor skills and define laterality (if they are right-handed or left-handed).
  • Encourage language, both listening and speaking as well as writing comprehension.
  • They are used to experiment with the modeling of materials, and to learn more about the different shapes that objects have.
  • Help them develop their imagination.
  • Promote your ability to socialize with other children.

What toys to buy for a child between five and six years old?

Toys that develop gross motor skills

We can give away toys that help them to continue learning to know and master their body and its physical limits, as well as others that promote a sense of balance and coordination. Likewise, let's not forget to include toys that invite socialization and play in company.

Toys that develop fine motor skills

From the age of five, children's fine motor skills are already well developed and they are capable of cutting, manipulating very small objects and painting with great precision. But it never hurts to continue stimulating this development with suitable toys. Small building pieces (like Lego), craft sets that require precision, or those that require scissors are a perfect option.


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